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Supply Crate – Josh

It's Supply Crate update time, which means we'll be telling you about a Supply Crate recipient while showing off some of the pictures we got in reply. We really enjoy pictures, can't even tell you how much. Today's update is on a crate sent out to Joshua and his unit in August of this year. As Josh told us in his request:

We are a Brigade S6 shop currently supporting Atlantic resolve on a small base in Germany with no USO. A Supply crate from stackup would help provide an entertainment outlet for our team during this time of COVID lockdown.

Covid messed things up for soldiers stationed overseas as countries locked down or placed community restrictions in their local areas. Military bases have also come up with their own restrictions, and for people already struggling to keep their morale up, the pandemic has made a lot of things worse. But that's why we are here. To help out in a simple but sometimes very big way. We received a welcome response on Twitter.

Here's the picture from the tweet up close!

From email: Thank you all so very much for the supply drop. My soldiers were so very excited when I surprised them with it. Attached are our thank you pictures. For some reason they tapped the thank you note on the wall When I walked away for a photographer.

We're glad the Supply Crate reached Josh and his unit safely! Thanks to Chrisifix, we sent this crate overseas and helped yet another unit with something to do in their downtime. Check out Chrisifix's channel here!

How does one get involved with Stack Up as a volunteer? The first step is to hit the button below to learn about our volunteer opportunities on our How to Help page. Thanks for reading!

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