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Supply Crate – Joseph

At Stack Up, we know from experience that our fellow Veterans often face unique challenges regarding their mental health. Joseph is one such Veteran who has been struggling not only with PTSD but homelessness and has had to forego the comfort of gaming to provide for his family:

My name is Joseph. I am an OIF Veteran with PTSD (just started getting my va disability while homeless). For the past two months I have been homeless and basically sold everything I could including all my gaming stuff and anything else I had to try to afford extended stays/motels. Luckily on the 1st we was able to scrape into an apartment. Literally all my family has is a small tv, mattress for my wife and I and 2 kids beds for my little ones. I went from hey we are going to stay in a hotel so we will have a pool to well we are on vacation and have to drive around at night (for the nights we had to stay in our car). I just happened to find your organization when looking for veteran resources. I know games aren't really a need but after all this I would just really love to suprise my wife and kids with something nice. my ptsd with my anxiety and depression have been on overdrive.

While gaming is, indeed, not viewed as a necessity, we all need things in life that help us cope with all the struggles in the world. When the world feels bleak, it helps to have something to look forward to at the end of the day. For Joseph and his family, enjoying something together can help them maintain a positive outlook.

Here are a few pics. I am sorry it took so long life has been a rollercoaster right now I'm having car issues preventing me from finding work. But I did want to make sure I got you some pic. My son and wife was camera shy but I have some of me and my daughter.
I'm planning on reaching out to the streamer on the sign to give my thanks as well next they are online.

We hope Joseph and his family find themselves in a better situation soon. If you know of any Veteran businesses or resources in Texas that could help Joseph out, let us know.

We want to thank Tirinei for taking the time to fundraise and sponsor Joseph's Supply Crate. If you are looking to support Tirinei, do us a favor and check out her Twitch channel.

Are you ready to game for a cause? Join the mission by signing up to fundraise by hitting the button below!

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