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Supply Crate – Jonathan

Gaming consoles have always been expensive and have continued to go up in price over the years, leaving them out of reach for a lot of folks, including our Veterans. Marine Corps Veteran Jonathan would play games with the kids down the street but never had one of his own:

I've never had a new gaming system ever. As a kid i use to have to play the kids down the street game. I've always wanted one of my own. Now with a wife, 3 kids, car notes, insurance, bills and health problems, I can't afford one.

That's definitely a request we have to fulfill. The joy of gaming is one we want to share with anyone we can, and in Jonathan's case, we had to ensure he could share in that joy.

Care package received eye eye sir. You guys don't even know how happy youve made me. I have NEVER in my life had a NEW gaming system. Never could afford em, always had to get one years later after it came out. When everyone else was moving on to the next or the next system. It got to the point where I said, those things are dumb anyway. But now i can get back into it and it will help ease my tension and anxiety alot. Once again, thanks a million for what you've done for me and the other troops.

No problem, Jonathan. We hope you enjoy all the games you can. Good luck to you and your family.

BeetleBomb sponsored Jonathan's Supply Crate, raising $1k+ to help Stack Up make the magic happen. We thank BeetleBomb and his community for all the support. You can find his channel here if you want to check out BeetleBomb on Twitch.

Hitting the button below will start you on your journey of supporting Stack Up. We cannot tell you how much the support of streamers means to us. Every donation allows us to support Veterans and Active Duty Military mental health through gaming.

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