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Supply Crate – Jenny

Why Supply Crates? Gaming care packages are a great alternative to receiving books and socks while deployed overseas. Even better, they make a great way to give back to our Veterans who are often dealing with life post-service.

Today's update came from Jenny, an Army Veteran:

I served as a combat medic for 16 years in the army with 2 oversees deployments. Upon return from my last deployment my unit was disband due to funding, making reintegration more difficult then usual. I suffer from many physical injuries along with PTSD. I have severe anxiety making it difficult to spend time in groups or in public doing the things I once loved. With my battles being spread all over the states it has been difficult to find a solid support system.

We're not going to save gaming solves everything, but it can help when dealing with life by providing an escape. In our case, it can also be used to gain a support system of gamers and Veteran gamers.

While Jenny didn't send a message along in reply to receiving a Supply Crate, she still sent photos, which is more than enough as we send any responses we receive from Supply Crate recipients along to their sponsors.

Stack Up Stream Team member and Air Force servicemember MissStaraholic sponsored Jenny's Supply Crate. We're glad to have her on board with our mission, and it's always a pleasure to see those who serve(d) supporting other Veterans. Check her out on Twitch. Be sure to check out the tag with MissStaraholic's username to view other Supply Crates she has sponsored.

Signing up for the Call to Arms is a great way to serve those who have served themselves. Hit the button below to get started.

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