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Supply Crate – Jenna

Good day, everyone! Or night, if you happened to drop in on this from the other side of the world. We're bringing you another of our Supply Crate updates in which we report on a gaming care package sent out to a Veteran or Active Duty military unit. This way, you can get an idea of where our Supply Crates go when you work so hard to fundraise for them!

Today's update involves Jenna, an Army Veteran seeking to connect with her son. Read her request below:

I medically retired due to spine injuries and PTSD/MST, a story not unlike other women. However, shortly after I retired, I also got divorced and my kids started spending half their time away from home. One of the biggest things that I have struggled with since leaving the Army is connecting with my son, Gavin, who is 10. He loves video games but I have such difficulty "getting into it" with him and trying to create a bond of different interests. I am requesting a crate to help me find that connection with my amazing kiddo that will also boost my confidence as a mom out here in this crazy world, and also show me that there is more to after-service recovery than the VA. Sometimes veteran moms have difficulty with the different roles that recovery and motherhood mean, but I saw a fellow female veteran post her experience with your organization on social media and thought, "maybe this is an avenue that can help me here".

We're glad the word is getting out about our programs. Thankfully, gaming is a great way to connect with children and our families. What gaming console is more family fun than a Nintendo Switch? We put together a Supply Crate and shipped it out. Upon receiving the crate, Jenna sent us the following reply:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We are so excited to tear into everything and play all the games!! This is going to be a great bridge for bonding with my son, and I absolutely cannot thank you enough!!

We hope it helps. Thank you, Jenna, for reaching out. May you and Gavin have many great days of gaming!

The sponsor of this crate was one Coltdiggity. Be sure to thank him and check out his channel. If you are interested in getting involved as Coltdiggity did by fundraising to sponsor a crate, get your DonorDrive page started.

If you don't think streaming and fundraising are for you, we have several other opportunities to help with our programs on our How to Help page. You can portal there by hitting the big red button below.

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