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Supply Crate – James

Before we get into today's update, we want to thank everyone who continues fundraising for us. It's looking to get a little more difficult out there with the economy, and for those fundraising and donating, your dollars are even more precious to us.

James is an Army National Guard Veteran whose wife, Ashley, nominated him for a Supply Crate. She told us he's a great dad and deserves some time to himself via gaming:

Where to begin. I am nominating my husband, Sgt. James. He was medically retired from the Army National Guard in April 2016 with 100% PTSD rating alone upon other ratings for TBI, tinnitus, back and knee problems and a few more. He servered 17 years, 3 deployments and lost many friends throughout each deployment. He currently has very few outs in life with being disabled and being home with me and our 3 girls. Hes not a crowds people and lives on his phone to get out of his head! Him having a gaming system and a way to escape some of the terrors in his mind would be amazing. He is an amazing father and loves his girls to the ends of the earth but not being able to mentally leave home, me and the girls spend alot of time away so he can have his space and time. I think having a headset on, driven into a game would be able to help him cope and get his mind off of the everyday life or the unforgettable past he had to endure would be a blessing for us all. He plays little hunting and military games on his phone but having it larger and in his own space would make a world of difference. Please consider him in your review of candidates. He has struggled so much and always puts us girls 1st I would like to be able to say I nominated him and put him above us for his own mental health for once! Thank you - Ashley

James sounds like a great guy! While gaming is great for playing with friends, it's also great when we need something to enjoy solo. It's that flexibility that makes gaming not only a great hobby but a great way to have some self-care time. We sent the crate out to James, and his wife replied:

Thank you for this he was so surprised and excited!! He has really enjoyed zoning out and playing call of duty! Thanks again

Thank you, Ashley, for letting us know about James. To anyone reading this, if you know a Veteran or Active service member who could use a crate, nominate them.

James' Supply Crate was sponsored by PaisliePanda. You can find her channel here!

Over $250k has been raised for Stack Up. We need every dollar to not only support the shipping of Supply Crates but to help us keep our Overwatch Programs running. Please help us reach our goal of $400k so that we can up it further and continue to keep the lights on. Hit the button below to get started!

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