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Supply Crate – James

Why video games? Some of our staff have been through situations where gaming helped them out in the field, and others found gaming helped them post-service. In today's Supply Crate update, James, a disabled Veteran, is a fellow servicemember who has found gaming helps him connect with people and enjoy himself.

I’m a disabled veteran I have ptsd and major depression. I am living on a fixed budget and right now can only play Fortnite on a computer that can barely run it through Xbox cloud gaming. Because of my ptsd I don’t leave my house or see my friends and this would really help me meet people and communicate with and get human contact through something I love like gaming

Knowing what James was dealing with, we had to ensure he received a gaming care package to give him plenty of games to enjoy.

Thank you guys so much! I’m in shock I got the package Friday but had a terrible tooth ache so I waited a couple days to send pics. But this is just amazing and I’ve already met a couple of new friends online!

Thanks, James! We send the photos to Supply Crate sponsors as proof of where their communities' money goes.

CryptoWrench sponsored James' Supply Crate. He's a pretty awesome guy who sponsored a number of Esports tournaments in 2022. He's also the founder of FluffyLegion. You can find CryptoWrench on Twitch.

Hit the button below to answer the Call to Arms and sign up for a DonorDrive page. Fundraise $1k, and you'll sponsor your own Supply Crate to be sent out to a Veteran.

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