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Supply Crate – James

Welcome to our next Supply Crate update. We hope you are all having a great time out there.

James is an Active Duty servicemember of the Air Force and is deployed overseas as part of an air defense liaison team. Read his request:

our 12 man air defense liaison team, has supported the entire middle east along side coalition forces to track inbound attacks to friendly air crafts entering and leaving the air space. recently our facility was attacked by a UAV. thankfully there were no casualties because of our team. over all it has been an interesting time being here as it is only the beginning for us

Sounds stressful enough out there! Hopefully, a Supply Crate of games can fill his and his unit's morale meter.

Thank you again for supporting my deployment I’m sorry that this took so long and got shuffled everywhere!
I hope these help we couldn’t wear the shirts but everything else we tried to display. Thank you again.

No problem, we know it gets busy out there. We're just glad to receive something back.

CNMercy, AKA CodenameMercy, sponsored James' Supply Crate. CodenameMercy has been a great supporter of Stack Up, and we hope you'll check him out on twitch.

Think you have what it takes to raise $1000 or more to sponsor a Supply Crate of your own? Perhaps you want to raise some money to support our other programs, such as the Overwatch Program, our Crisis Prevention team? Hit the button below to reach our DonorDrive page and sign up to fundraise.

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