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Supply Crate – Jake & Corey

What is the Supply Crates program? If you've already been here, then you already know. If you haven't, this is Stack Up's program where we send a crate with a console, video games, gaming peripherals, and other goodies to deployed Military units and Veterans. It's a great way of serving our servicemembers by giving them something to enjoy.

Today's update comes from Jake, who put in a nomination for Corey, a fellow Veteran Jake wanted to surprise with a Supply Crate.

This request isn’t for me, it’s for my brother in arms Spc Corey. Corey suffers from PTSD for things that happened down range and deals with depression as well. He’s a father to a 6month old beautiful little girl, an avid hunter, and an all around great guy. I think some video games would greatly help my brother deal with things a little easier.

Thanks, Jake, for putting that in. Supply Crate nominations can be made by anyone, the Veteran themselves, a family member, or even a friend who recognizes their struggle. We sent off the Supply Crate and were sent a short but heartfelt reply:


We do this all year.

Corey's Supply Crate was sponsored by JxJ_Gaming. Thank you to JxJ_Gaming and community and if you have the time, check him out at this link.

What is the Call to Arms? It's our call to action in fundraising to help us keep our programs running to benefit Veterans, Active Duty Military members, and even civilians who may access our Overwatch Program. Donate or sign up to fundraise by hitting the button below.

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