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Supply Crate – Hundred Heroes Update #1

It is about time we started to check in with the recipients of our Hundred Heroes Supply Crates. This request came to us from Renee, who is the wife of retired Marine Joseph. Check out the full request below.

I am writing for my husband who was active duty for just under 15yrs until a combat injury forced him to medically retire from the Marine Corps.

Supply Crate

He has had many surgeries and is getting ready to have 2 more back to back within the next few months and this would be awesome for him to have while he is recovering to play and still be able to engage with our 3 kids in a fun way! He is always trying to continue to do things with our 3 kids and be super dad even though it’s difficult for him to get around most of the time due to his spinal injury. Thanks for considering him!

We were more than happy to answer Renee’s request and add Joseph to our Hundred Heroes Day crate list. You can click HERE to check out details on the amazing effort that our volunteers put forth to box all of these crates.

We also want to thank our amazing supporters like Twitch Streamer Sentinel Dad who answered the Call To Arms to help raise funds for all of these Supply Crates.

When Renee received the crate for Joseph, the family couldn’t resist spring a bit of early holiday joy. She also took time to send us some words of thanks and some awesome pictures back!

Omg with grateful tears in my eyes I am writing this. I debated about making him wait until Christmas but Joe was already having a rough day…so after consulting my 15yr old son we decided to let him unbox this today, and we are snowed in for the weekend.

This is so amazing for him to connect with our kids! They are all currently setting it up together. It is making my heart so happy to know that they are all doing something together! The physical and psychological limitations are removed in this type of interaction. Makes my heart ache with happiness!
Thank you so much! This is a game changer (pun intended lol) for our family! Thank you so much for making our holiday season so much brighter!

Thank you, Renee, we are glad to have been able to brighten the holidays for you and yours. Thank you for your and your families sacrifice through all the deployments and ongoing medical issues.

If you’d like to make a donation that gets sent over to our troops as a Supply Crate, Stack-Up takes lightly used PS4, and Xbox One games and gear, as well as cash donations. Please help us help these vets out here:

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