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Better late than never, we check in with more of our Holiday Cheer Supply Crates. This request came to us from Robert who is in the Air Force and stationed in Afghanistan. Check out the full request below.


Supply Crate

I’m a 9 year Air Force Security Forces member currently serving with the 738th AEAG in Afghanistan. We have the unique mission of working in the entirely Afghan Air Force Kandahar Air Wing on a daily basis. My job specifically is to provide security (Guardian Angels) for the advisors who are working 6 days a week bettering their Afghan counterparts to run their own military. We’ve made great strides with the Afghans now flying combat missions with limited advisor support and performing maintenance on a professional military level schedule.

Guardian Angel wise, we have dealt with a few insider issues quickly with 0 loss of life on either side and are constantly working to bring the Afghan security forces into the fold of protecting their own people alongside our advisors.


Robert went on to mention that the group had an old PS3 and Xbox unit, but that they were not in the best working order due to the ” toll of the Afghan moon dust for a few years now.” He went on to ask for some game for those systems. We here at Stack-Up knew we could do better than that and went on to pack one of our Supply Crates with the latest and greatest, including a new XBox One!

Once Robert and his fellow “Guardian Angels” received the crate they sent back this photo…

Just Like Christmas morning!

Thank you, Robert, for the work you and your fellow Airmen do. We hope that the games provide a nice bit of R&R and morale building in the off time!

If you’d like to make a donation that gets sent over to our troops as a Supply Crate, Stack-Up takes lightly used PS4, and Xbox One games and gear as well as cash donations. Please help us help these vets out here:

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