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Supply Crate – Gregory

Did you miss last week's Supply Crate updates? No worries, we have plenty more.

Today's update came from Gregory, an Army Veteran with PTSD from his time on deployment.

I am a veteran that suffers from PTSD and major depression disorder from my time overseas. I spent a year in Iraq in 2010-2011 where I was injured in combat. These games and systems would be a huge help with my PTSD to keep me from just sitting around at home and will keep my mind active and off of the past.

Sometimes the quietest moments are the most unnerving for plenty of us dealing with our mental health out there. Playing games, focusing on quests, and taking a break from the "real world" can help, especially for Veterans such as Gregory.

Thank you sooo much!!!

Thanks for reaching out to us and applying for a Supply Crate, Gregory.

Today's update was sponsored by EvilZak. For someone with evil in the name, he sure is doing some good out there. Be sure to check his Twitch channel out for us and let him know how you found him.

Hitting the Phalanx Coin below is the beginning of a new adventure. Answer the Call to Arms and start up a DonorDrive page to begin your journey in charity fundraising.

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