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Supply Crate – Greg

Got family who play games? Greg is an Army Veteran who has kids who are starting to get into gaming, as he told us in his request:

I feel I would be a good candidate because I have 2 little ones now that really want me to start playing with them. Also battle buddies have been asking me to get one.

That's something we can help with! Hopefully, his battle buddies appreciate the effort.

This was great man and I really appreciate this and everything you guys do for veterans. your team really seems to understand where veterans need help, and its not always financially, but just the basics sometimes. Thank you again, and i will be wearing the shirt regularly.

People deserve simple joys too. Video games have plenty to provide beyond the basics. Morale improvement includes being able to have fun and unwind at the end of the day.

Moridrex sponsored Greg's Supply Crate. Thanks, once again, for answering the Call to Arms. Find Moridrex on Twitch.

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