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Supply Crate – Frederick

Happy Friday! We hope you'll enjoy this Supply Crate update before you go into the weekend. Frederick is a disabled Veteran whose service-connected disabilities mean he doesn't get to be as active as he once was.

I’m 90% disabled and under review for 100% disability. I was once very active. Now I am restricted daily because of my service connected disabilities. I cannot afford a game console because of the yearly cost to maintain membership, and the up front cost of the console itself. I use to play video games up until five years ago. Now most of my money is going to pay off debts, or going to see my child that lives several states over. I truly need to find something to occupy my time rather than cellphone games and movies.

Veterans like Frederick are exactly why we're here. We packed up and shipped him out a Supply Crate, and he sent us some photos in reply. Check him out!

The awesome Cahlaflour, a longtime supporter of Stack Up, sponsored Frederick's Supply Crate. We're probably a little biased, but we really think she's worth checking out on her channel. If you hit the tag with her name on it below you can check out a few other Supply Crates she's sponsored.

Get a well-rested stat for answering the Call to Arms and signing up to fundraise before you start the weekend. Just pay ten caps (hit the button) to get started.

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