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Supply Crate – David

Happy Friday! Since the weekend is so close, we'll be keeping today's Supply Crate update short and sweet.

Today's update comes from David, a Veteran who is doing some IT learning, and he's been through quite a bit since leaving service. He's been learning to play games with his children and wanted a new console for them to play with.

I am currently a VA rated 90% SC Army veteran. I am at the end of my vocational rehabilitation program. I am completing IT certifications with the hopes of getting into entry level IT security (remotely). I was the breadwinner for my family for years, but am now unemployed and no longer get the BAH stipend from VRE. I am also going to be really stretching our income right now, because I must relocate with my 16 year old to Columbus, OH - so she can attend Ohio State University! I hope to secure a job in entry level IT when I get there towards the middle of August. I have caused us lose a home to foreclosure, two different vehicles were repossessed over the years. We had to file bankruptcy in 2006. I survived a suicide attempt in 2016. I recently attended the Save A Warrior program in Ohio. I am on the hard road to recovery and my kids have started to teach me the simple games on our Xbox. It is around 7 years old and we have a few games. I would appreciate it if I could get a new Xbox console for my kids, so that I could abuse the old console learning games.

We're glad David is still here with us. If David reads this, please visit our Overwatch Program if you're ever feeling down and just need someone to help you get through it.

That goes for the rest of you too.

Thanks brother! So, the guy on the thank you note was the sponsor? That’s awesome! Gonna have to check him out!

Hyf1re is a pretty awesome guy to watch, and we agree that you should check him out.

If you've made it this far, we have a secret to share with you: Phalanx will be unveiled this weekend. Keep an eye on our socials, especially Twitter, to find out what's next for Stack Up.

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