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Supply Crate – Cory

It's Friday. It's been a busy week. We hope that all of you out there remember to take care of yourselves. If things have not been doing well, our community is here for you.

Cory sent in an application for a Supply Crate. As he told us, he's an Air Force Veteran who uses gaming to connect with his children and deal with his chronic pain. Read what he told us below:

My name is Cory. I'm a retired Staff Sergeant with the USAF and currently an Ambassador for the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program. I served in the Air Force for six and a half years as a Battlefield Weather Forecaster, before being medically retired after a severe car accident while taking my wife to the hospital after she went into labor. After I retired, I used adaptive sports to help in my recovery, I even competed in the 2016 Warrior Games for Team Air Force. I've used adaptive sports and gaming to help me through a lot of my ongoing recovery. Due to my injuries, I still deal with a lot of chronic pain issues and haven't had much success with surgeries or procedures to help the pain. My pain has gotten worse recently and gaming is one of the few things that helps me cope when I'm having a bad day. Gaming is also a major way that I bond with my kids, since I can't be near as active physically as I used to be. We have always played games together whenever we can. A supply crate would help me continue to have a positive coping skill when my pain or mental state starts to suffer, as well as giving me something new that I can do with my kids

Gaming can actually help with chronic pain as it occupies the mind with something else. Especially when gamers get into 'flow' which is that state of gaming where the mind focuses on the game and what's happening within it, and the world outside just falls away. Sometimes it's almost like a wall against pain. It doesn't make it go away, but it helps to escape it.

As we all know, it's a great way to connect with kids as well, so we're happy to help out with that. After Cory received his crate, he sent a short reply to Dave that conveyed plenty of how he felt about it regardless of length.

Dave, I got my crate! It's awesome!

We'll try to make sure these crates stay awesome.

Tokki sponsored this crate. Tokki has been a long-time supporter of Stack Up and participated in last year's Call to Arms LIVE, which we will have a recap video for soon.

Dare you to click the red button below and find out how you can help Stack Up!

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