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Supply Crate – Compton Veterans and VFW Post 5394

Today's Supply Crate update is about a Supply Crate sent out to Sherman over at VFW Post 5394. Sherman has been operating the Compton Veterans org in an effort to build up VFW Post 5394 and the surrounding community. As part of that mission, Sherman has been working to build up a computer and video gaming lab for Veterans and the local community to utilize.

Sherman served in the USMC from 2002-2007 with 3rd Battalion 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division. During his service, he deployed to three combat tours and was awarded the Purple Heart with 2 Stars, in addition to, a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and several other medals. After his military service, he continues to serve his community by operating the Compton Veterans organization and volunteering with The Mission Continues organization. In his civilian career as a HUD-VASH Specialist and a VA Certified Peer Support Specialist, he works with at-risk Veterans to find them resources, including housing and mental health services. Since becoming the Commander of VFW Post 5394, Sherman has improved the Post in many ways. Most notably, he revived community related services such as student grants and a food pantry, in addition to establishing a community computer lab. The computer lab is open to students that require computers, internet, or a safe place to learn. This Post is also instrumental in organizing the yearly Compton Veterans Stand Down, by helping to organize, fundraise and collect donations. @ComptonVeterans organization also operates from this Post. The Compton Veterans conduct community outreach that includes home clean-ups, community beautification, food distributions, community cookouts and more. Sherman is a huge FPS gamer. If it would be possible to outfit the Post with a gaming system, it would not only bring joy to Sherman and the other gamers that this Post, but to the rest of the community that already utilizes this Post as a refuge.

Bringing gaming to Veterans in the community is an effort we can get behind. We shipped out a Supply Crate to Sherman and he quickly set it up along with other donated pieces as part of the Compton VFW computer and gaming lab.

Hello Ian,
My sincere apologies. I received your other emails but when I got them I was buried with work and really haven’t been able to climb out of my hole of overdue assignments. Anyway, enough excuses.
Thanks again for blessing our VFW post and the community we serve. Below are a few links to IG posts our VFW made and some pics I took.

Sherman tagged us in the Instagram post below.

Thanks, Sherman. And you are right, gaming and collaboration are everything.

As an honorable mention, 1 Shot Energy donated some focus chews and other items for us to put in our Supply Crates. Thank you 1 Shot Energy for the donation!

Lisjustice sponsored the Supply Crate sent out to VFW Post 5394. LisJustice is a fantastic Vtuber and member of the Stack Up Stream Team and was a recent member of the Influencer Relations Team. She's not only awesome to work with but a lot of fun to watch in general. Check her out on Twitch.

This week we're working with AMD Salute, AMD's employee resource group supporting current and former Military members. They'll be joining us to build a PC on Flag Day, June 14 to giveaway. To be entered into the giveaway, simply fundraise $50 anytime from June 14 through 16 and your name will be entered into a drawing for a PC. Don't have a DonorDrive page yet? Hit the button below to get started.

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