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Supply Crate – Chandrea

As the holidays approach, we hope you're all going to have a good time. We also know it can be a difficult period for some out there. As a reminder, our Overwatch Program serves 365 days a year, so if you find yourself lonely or in a mental health crisis, we hope you'll drop in and ask for an Overwatch Volunteer to help you out.

Today's update comes from Chandrea, a mom who requested a crate to bond with her teen daughters:

I am a disabled vet who suffered head trauma will serving. I suffer from PTSD, anxiety and depression. I want to use this as a bonding opportunity for me and my teen twin daughters who are gamers

Gaming isn't just great for our Veterans; it's great for our families too! We sent Chandrea a Supply Crate, and she messaged us back:

Thank you so much for the ps5! We love it!

We want to thank Sony for allowing us the ability to make a bulk purchase of PS5s. It's really helped us out this summer as we shipped Supply Crates out.

The amazing Ogr3magi sponsored Chandrea's Supply Crate. He's been a great supporter and Stack Up Stream Team member. Be sure to stop by his channel when you have a chance.

Hit the button below to help us reach our goal and perhaps blast through it. $600k will keep us functioning through the holiday.

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