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Supply Crate – Chad

Whether you game to have fun alone or with others for socialization, we're here for you. Today's Supply Crate update came from Chad, whose unit likes a bit of friendly competition for morale.

Hello, We are a group of soldiers that just like to bond by all the time. We enjoy all kinds of games and it seems to make the deployment go much faster with a smile on our faces and time flying behind us. Our section enjoys challenging ourself and with a healthy bit of competition.

Games do indeed help make time fly by. We're glad to help fan the flame of competition with a console and some games.

Dear Ian,
I am sorry for the delays. I have been out on missions for the past few weeks and have not been back to base camp. I know the guys are using the XBOX while I am not there. I have asked to send some photos of them playing but I guess when the power button goes on the brain activity stops. I have some photos of some of the guys when we first got it. When I get back I'll have to go a crack some skulls and take pictures.
Thank you,

We hope Chad got to enjoy the console once back to base camp. Sometimes ya just have to have fun without the brain overworking itself.

JustSpike sponsored Chad's Supply Crate and has sponsored quite a few others, which you can see if you hit is tag at the bottom of this post. He's pretty cool, and we think you should check him out on Twitch.

Do you stream? Use your powers for good by answering the Call to Arms.

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