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Supply Crate – Brandon

Today's Supply Crate is a bit of a long one, but definitely one you should read if you want to understand how gaming can impact our Veterans. We're going to keep our commentary short.

Hi Stack Up, my name is PFC Brandon. I served 6 Years in the MA Army National Guard. 1st Battalion 181st Infantry Headquarters and Headquarters Company. I know the struggle Veterans face. In and out of MIlitary and Civillian LIfe. My mission as a person and the reason why i joined the military was to help others. I served purely on duty and to give back for what the United States has done for my family after the war in the 70s. Through the years I witness 5 of my buddies commit suicide in and Outside the Battalion. It sucks to know I could've done something more to stop it. I live my life everyday trying to help veterans get into tech. I been a IT Desktop Engineer for 7 years and I do my absolute best to train, coordinate, and develop the skills they need to aquire an entry level technical position. It hearbreaking to see veterans come back into the civillian world working passionless jobs, selling drugs, back breaking labor or barely over minimum wage. I do my best to get them out of those positions and into IT Jobs or something worth while, using my connections. Its hard to keep supporting them when i almost attempted suicide 10 times myself (Hospitalized with extreme near death situations 4+ weeks) in the past 5 years. Sometimes helping others destroys you as you sacrifice everything that comes before your needs to support others. ITs definitely taken a toll. But i still continue my life doing what I can to help everyone around me (My Family has come from absolutely nothing, War driven with combat experience, ptsd and bunch of other problems they arn't normal. I also don't blame them for being non-existant parents or even family). The highlight i cover for is the Veteran community as they all have mutual and common respect for another. Reguardless of rank. male/female, experience, or anything. There is some understanding. My entire family is all combat veterans and they only really spoke to me when i joined the Army. You can't really explain the things you see, heard, done in the military to normal people. Good or bad. Even though everything might feel like rock bottom. There is only one way up. I lived my early life prior to the military with rage, hate, aggression, and violence. But the military changed who I am today. As a person and as a citizen. I love supporting the troops and the veterans who come back present and future. I had a computer business that kinda went under. i didn't really care. but I utilized my resources to give back to others. Just to see them smile and light a little happiness in thier life. Give them some hope and they will grow. Grow the courage to utilize thier strenghts overcome thier weakness and insecurities take on that challenge of a tech role or knowing they can do more. Without limits. I really dont have the money as my make shift company went under, but i do everything i can to provide to my people. Veterans are a tough bunch. Some with some serious problems they hide away. But i will do everything in my will to break down those walls to make sure they have someone watching their 6. Sometimes their own family can't even see it until one day they are gone. Now im too fat to fit into my dress uniform and I really dont feel like going to anymore funerals. So i make it my lifestyle to do everything in my power to help others. I can assure you a list of people i helped. I even took in a buddy for 6 months rent free as i was struggling to pay rent. He didnt have the money to help but i couldn't have him be homeless. domestic problems and prison. the least i could do is share what i have. One day maybe i can rest easy knowing i did something. Today I don't have the means to travel to them as money is tight. But i do game with them from time to time. I use my computer to stay present. Maybe this might help. Let me know if you need thier names and contact info. Thought maybe this might help who knows. Stay frosty. And thank you for everything you guys do. Much Love- PFC Brandon

It sounds like Brandon is a dedicated Veteran in and out of service. So we knew we had to make sure he got a Supply Crate. We hope it can bring him relief when he isn't helping others. Brandon sounds like a real "shirt off his back" guy, but as we tell many of the Veterans in our community, it's important to help yourself as much as others, especially when it comes to personal mental health.

As I am writing this now, I almost had no words to express. The overwhelming feeling of gratitude that flowed through me and my buddies was just shocking and awe. This is something we never would have expected. We are truly honored to have received your generous gift that you sent over to us.
As corny as it sounds, this package was life changing. My buddy Syho has still been fighting the war at home with PTSD after coming back from his combat deployment years ago. It has been a struggle for him to adjust back into civilian life. Today this was a total game changer. Something to look forward to and believe there is still hope out there in the world. It’s a beautiful feeling knowing that someone somewhere still gives 2 cents about us. Especially those Veterans struggling with finding a shelter to live under or even scraps to stay alive.
This care package means a lot more than an Xbox but a tool for communication. As you may know, the veteran community sticks together. Gaming can be overlooked as a Hobby but to some it’s a sense of healing. Bridging the gap between fantasy, pain, and reality. We all have different ways we cope with stress, and this was one method I love sharing with my brothers and sisters in arms. If there is a will there's a way. A way for all of us to enjoy the comfort of being with our community even when sometimes it feels so distant.
Normally in our adult lives we don’t have the time to do things together. It is usually overlooked and we are too tired from work or with family things. Our friends and battle buddies often have too many things going on with their lives and just don’t really have that time to spend with us. As I told my close friends and family, people will make time for you if they really care. We are never too busy to really make time for the ones we got love for. We may be busy, but you never know who might need that help. Sometimes all it is, is a buddy checking up on them occasionally.
Growing older I felt like I could’ve made a bigger difference as to why I dedicate my life mission to helping others who suffer the same fate as us. Veteran suicide is a very serious thing. #22VeteransADay. These scars are invisible to the public, and most of the time we are just trying to integrate back into society and relate to one another. Sometimes even with the brightest smile that appears, we are crumbling on the inside. Mental Health is often overlooked and the Pride as Warriors seeking help is beneath us. It really shouldn’t be like that at all and to get help shouldn’t be embarrassing. If you need the help, go out and reach for it. Like I have mentioned earlier, sometimes all it takes is a hand extended for support.
Thank you very much Stack Up! This literally shook us up for the entire weekend. It lit up our souls and was just an unnatural amount of happiness surging through the air. Who could’ve thought something like this could happen. No way as if we were dreaming. THANKS AGAIN STACK UP!!! Words really can’t describe the amount of grace we felt coming from your support and care package. This is truly an amazing experience to see in this lifetime.
Much Love,
~ Brandon

We hope you find as much comfort and joy in gaming as we do within our community, Brandon.

MrSpacemanGuy sponsored Brandon's Supply Crate. MrSpacemanGuy is an Army Veteran who mostly plays FPS games like Fortnite, Warzone, and more. Check him out on Twitch.

Getting involved with Stack Up is easy. Hit the button below to support us in helping Veterans and their mental health through the power of gaming!

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