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Supply Crate – Brandon

Brandon was deployed for a few weeks and noted that the local MWR didn't have a console, so he requested one to give himself and his fellow servicemembers, a mixed group of Air Force, Army, and Marines, something to do.

I personally am I pretty big gamer as it's a major stress relief for me. I just recently found out about Stack Up and really look forward to getting involved when I get back. I am part of a veteran streaming community and hope to get all the guys and gals involved! I've been at my current deployment location for a few weeks now and have noticed the MWR is severely lacking electronics. We have 3 or 4 TVs but no consoles provided. We do a gaming tournament weekly but it is driven by one member and their personal Switch and games. I have noticed plenty of people interested in playing in their downtime outside of the tournament but there just aren't any options. I would love a device for personal use, but I am a PC man and know a console would just sit and collect dust if it was my own. So due to limited resources here, I didn't want to request items for a whole unit but figured one dedicated device for our MWR would be HUGE with increasing morale. It's a joint mission with Army, Air Force and Marines on site. I did a little survey that resulted in the PS5 being the console of choice from among the gamers at the tournaments we've had.

We happened to have some PlayStation 5s lying around, so we decided to fulfill this Supply Crate to ensure our servicemembers have something to do when they're off for the day. Gotta keep our uniformed personnel busy so they get up to less shenanigans!

Just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone at Stack Up for this opportunity and to JonsAtWar from Twitch. Yall made this place more enjoyable not just for me but those around our Camp as well.
As a streamer myself, I look forwarded to having the opportunity to raise money and working with yall in the future.
Thank you again!

It's not needed but much appreciated, Brandon!

JonsAtWar is Stack Up's Stream Team Lead, and he's put together a swell crew of streamers who volunteer some of their stream time to the Stack Up Twitch channel. He's a pretty fun guy who plays a variety of games, and while we may be biased, we think you should check out his channel.

Answering the Call to Arms is as simple as signing up to fundraise or donating! Hit the button below if you're ready to show the power of gaming in supporting Veteran and Active Military mental health.

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