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Supply Crate – Brandon

Some of us remember those hot days out in the Middle East, working all day to maintain equipment and Military readiness. Our very own staff were once some of those people, and after a long day, they themselves looked forward to firing up their consoles to relax in a whole other world.

Like them, Brandon has been thinking about playing some video games after a long day of work and sharing that with his unit.

My name is Brandon. I’m the First Sergeant of a [redacted] maintenance company that has 4 different rotary wing Aircraft in the Task Force. We are spread out all over the Middle East. The resources given by your Company will allow my soldiers the opportunity to unwind and decompress. I appreciate you considering our team!

As mentioned before, we've been there, and that's why we exist; to help our family in uniforms get consoles to relax with after a long day of work. Once Brandon received his unit's Supply Crate, he sent our team at the warehouse a message:

Hey Ian,
Really appreciate the Xbox and games. The Soldiers are really going to enjoy them. I’ve attached some photos. Again, I really appreciate your generosity. Best wishes in 2023!

Best wishes to Brandon and company!

Our awesome Stream Team Lead, JonsAtWar, sponsored this Supply Crate. He's been an asset to the team, volunteering to ensure the Stack Up Stream Team represents our organization well on the Stack Up Twitch channel. If you're looking for an inclusive Veteran to watch on Twitch who plays a variety of games and does the occasional art stream, you can find his channel here.

Answer the Call to Arms this Military Appreciation Month! Whether you want to donate to help someone sponsor a Supply Crate or fundraise yourself, get started by hitting the button below. It's never too late to help out.

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1 Comment

Jonathan Delacy
Jonathan Delacy
May 05, 2023

I am so proud of my community for helping sponsor this crate.

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