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Supply Crate – Bauer Family

Hello, it’s time for us to announce that we have recently made some new friends that we would like to introduce you to. Meet Joseph Bauer and his wonderful family. Bauer is a recently retired army veteran who served several deployments in Afghanistan. Bauer’s loving wife, Anne-Marie, messaged us with why her husband needed a supply crate.

Hi, I am applying on behalf of my husband, who is a 100% P/T disabled and is currently unemployed and struggling with depression and PTSD. One of the main difficulties he has at home is engaging with our two teenagers. Sometimes the kids feel like he is very disengaged and that they must stay out of his hair because he gets triggered easily. It is especially hard for our 13-year-old daughter because she is very sensitive and has a lot of anxiety and secondary PTS symptoms. I have a hard time as the primary caregiver navigating all the stress and it can make it very easy to suffer from caretaker burnout!

We hear you loud and clear Mrs. Bauer, it is our mission to help where we can, especially when kids are involved. We know how hard it can be to manage PTSD let alone balancing a family life. We can tell that you are a very devoted wife and caring mother so we were happy that you knew how we could help.

One thing I have noticed is that my husband and teens spend a lot of time gaming or talking about video games. At first, I thought this was very unhealthy since it seemed like that was the only thing they interacted about. However, as time went on, I realized that this was not a negative, but that I could perhaps help nurture their bond in a healthy manner and use gaming to help my husband work on his PTSD and engage with our 16 year old son and 13 year old daughter. For example, PTSD is very isolating, and my husband has a hard time going out and attending school functions that involve a great deal of social interaction. However, sometimes he enjoys taking our daughter to Game Stop on the military base to look for Funko Pops or anime keychains. I am applying for the Supply Crate to see if there is a way to help our wounded warrior family reconnect and overcome some of the struggles of PTSD. We are in the process of applying for a service dog to help my husband with some of the struggles he has outside the home, but it is a two-year wait. By then, our son will be away in college and it will be impossible to get back the family time lost to constant deployments, PCS moves, hospital treatments and the difficulties of military life that we have been enduring. In the meantime, I never thought I would say this, but I think video games are the secret to keeping our family together. Please help us if you can! Thank you so much for all your support!

That is exactly what we are here for, thank you for coming to us. Standby and prepare to receive your crate! And don’t worry we understand that time is of the essence.

Once the Bauer family received their crate, we were very satisfied to hear that they were happy with what they received.

OMG! Thank you so, so much from the Bauer Family in Louisiana!!! We are SO grateful. The family that plays together, stays together! Thank you for supporting military families.

As always, it is out privilege and honor to be able to help all military families in need. We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying the crate we sent you!

If you or someone you know would benefit from receiving one of our awesome supply crates, or you have some games, controllers, or consoles that you would like to donate, then please take the link below and we will contact you as soon as we can. It takes heroes like you to Stack Up with us so we can continue making a difference in the lives of veterans.

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