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Supply Crate – Baldemar

This Supply Crate update comes from an Army Veteran with a cool name, Baldemar. Baldemar used to game and remembers how much it helped him before. He hasn't been able to get the latest consoles because of life getting in the way.

I used to play video games when I was younger and on deployment, they kept me from slipping into dark places. It was great feeling to connect with others online and especially in person. I seen my older stepson play some games that seem very interesting on PS4. I have some old battle buddies that play online but I don’t have a PS4, it would be nice to connect with them. When I was first medically retired I found it hard to do things I enjoyed and had to sell off my Xbox to pay bills. As much as I try to save for a console, something always seems to come up.

Selling off a console is often hard because of the enjoyment we get out of it, but when physical needs must be met, they're an easy $80-200, depending on where they get sold. In Baldemar's case, we're sorry that happened, but that's one of the many reasons why we are here to help.

Our favorite photo is definitely the one hugging the PS5. We agree.

Thank you beyond a million words. You have no idea how much this means to me!
-Baldemar (Ben) Sosa

We're glad we could send this gaming care package out.

Stack Up Influencer Relations Team Manager PerkyDaisy sponsored Baldemar's Supply Crate. She not only fundraised to get a Supply Crate sent out, but she also works hard every day managing our Influencer Relations Team with her fellow manager, Tatoress. Our IRTs put in the time scouting and working with Content Creators to ensure they run successful fundraising campaigns. Most are or have been streamers at some point, and they are an asset to Stack Up and our mission.

Hit the button below, and our Influencer Relations Team will reach out to check in to help you get started fundraising.

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