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Supply Crate – Alex

Seeing other Veterans battling with their mental health can be tough, especially knowing the struggle with our mental health. In Alex's case, his battle buddy saw how he was struggling and wanted to get him something to help him cope in a healthier manner.

Alex is a dear battle buddy of mine. He has struggled many years with mental health and sobriety (alcohol). He was a cav scout with the 10th mountain division and deployed to Afghanistan. Upon returning he became a gamer with a Xbox 360. Up until 9 months ago he continued on the same Xbox as 2011 when it turned off it’s final time. Alex has been struggling with boredom due to his health issues and has been sober for 3 months now. He needs a system to occupy himself and not to resort to alcohol again.

Some of our staff of Veterans have dealt with similar struggles. Coming out on the other side of it, we can honestly tell you that it really does all get better. Some of us can even speak to how much being able to play a video game instead of drinking can make a difference. We shipped off a new game console to Alex.

Thank you so much for this!  I have had a lot going on recently and was getting pretty down. This came at the perfect time for me. I can get back into my old games!!!  It’s been a GREAT distraction to get me out of my head. Thank you so much. My mood has gotten so much better the last couple days. My wife has a vid she will try and get to send as well.

Thanks, Alex, and good luck to you! Keep it up by trying to live your best. If you are ever struggling and need to vent, we have a discord filled with Veterans who have been through it all.

Bukimera, formerly known as BunmeiRA, sponsored Alex's Supply Crate. Thanks to Bukimera and their community for taking the time to fundraise and support our Veterans. Check out Bukimera's Twitch channel at this link.

We cannot say how grateful we are for the support of streamers and various fundraisers over the past 8-9 years of Stack Up. Your support is what keeps Stack Up afloat. Hit the button below to get involved with us and help support our Veterans.

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