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Supply Crate – Adam

Adam has had to fight for his status as a disabled Veteran, and with that, he's had some tough times.

I am a 100 P&T Disabled veteran who served 7 years to include deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. 70% of my rating is PTSD/Anxiety. After I was honorably discharged I spent the next 12 years fighting for myself in the VA system. During those twelve years I have been on so many ups and downs that no Veteran should have to endure: joblessness, vehicle repossession, foreclosure of home all while raising three autistic children who were born to me after my service. During the pandemic I had to sell my PS4 console and collection and would love to get back into gaming. I am saving for a PS5 but if there is any way I can receive help though this program I would be extremely grateful.

Looks like Adam will be able to take those saved dollars and buy himself more games.

I cannot thank you enough for this!! Looking forward to getting back into the gaming world! I hope one day I can pay this forward as well!!

Thanks for reaching out so that we could get you a new console, Adam!

Saybin's team Darp Legion sponsored Adam's Supply Crate. Saybin is pretty cool, so we definitely think you should check him on Twitch and you can check out Darp Legion's Twitch Team as well. If you check the tag below with Saybin's name, you can read up on another Supply Crate he sponsored. We noticed he recently made some mead if you're also into learning more about that.

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