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Supply Crate – Aaron

Aaron was in the process of being medically retired due to an injury that's left him with some difficulties continuing his service. He wanted a Supply Crate to help him cope mentally with his new physical challenges.

Currently active duty but during my service I got injured and got paralyzed for 2 weeks now Currently in physical therapy and working hard to get my legs back the way they were. They said it's chronic and it will take years. Because of this I'm currently in the process of being let go and in so much pain and depression. The only thing keeping me going is gaming at this point since I can't go on walks anymore or workout. I have to switch my lifestyle and it's been hard. This would really help me with my mental recovery. Thank you for listening

Gaming can help when dealing with pain and other chronic physical issues by giving gamers an escape that doesn't take too much physical energy, depending on what games they're playing. We wish Aaron smooth treatments and recovery and hope his new game console will be put to good use for as long as he needs.

Good afternoon,
I have just received my crate and opened it and attached the photos.
I am beyond grateful for this gift. May last year I went paralyzed from the waist down for 2 weeks with a condition that attacks your nervous system. Since then the recovery and physical therapy have been hard and slowly helping to me being to walk again with assistance as my walker. This gift gives me such a moral boost that I needed to keep going and continue the fight to hopefully be able to walk on my own again and get back in shape. Darkhour 717 also goes live on the 30th so I will make sure to hop in his stream and thank him there.
Thanks again so much,
Aaron Williams

Good health and good luck, Aaron!

Darkhour717 sponsored Aaron's Supply Crate, raising $1k to do so. We thank Darkhour717 and their community for the support. You can find Darkhour717 on Twitch.

We only have a few more weeks left in 2023! We need to meet our $600k goal to keep our programs supporting Veteran mental health through the power of gaming fueled and ready to serve. Now is the time to donate. Every dollar counts. Hit the button below to go to our DonorDrive page and donate.

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