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Stream Team Spotlight: Pygowsky

We’re back today with another streamer that goes by the name of Pygowsky.

In our first introduction, there was a mention of how open-ended streaming can be. There isn’t one way or one reason why people pick up streaming as an outlet. Many that I’ve spoken with before this project had similar interests, all working around building a community where all who came by, including themselves, could be accepted. It is a powerful need, one that drives us to reach each other on multiple platforms; to be that better version of ourselves, and help others find that common ground too.

Pygowsky claims that it’s a necessity for him. “I wanted to create a community where people could go to feel safe and that they could be themselves without worry of being judged or made to feel weird; somewhere that people can call home and feel accepted by their peers,” he explained. “I'm a big positive mental health advocate, and I am building a community that is inclusive of everyone from all walks of life. I also do a lot of tutorial content on YouTube geared at helping other streamers improve the quality of their content. Truthfully, I just want to see people succeed doing what they love.”

It’s a bold thing to want more for others, not from them. Pygowsky shows this while he’s live simply in the way that his stream flows. In the beginning, his setup is clean, with a starting screen to allow viewers to settle in before he starts his selected game. The screen is informative, sharing that he supports Stack Up and is also partnered with a couple of well-known companies such as Razer, OWN3D Pro, and CTRL. That information alone inspires wonder. As a new part of his audience, I’m intrigued and certainly would like to find out the backstory to those successes. Maybe someday… but more than anything, great job!

From there, he eases in with his chat, talking to individuals that come through for him before getting into his game. His schedule is a hard one for me to catch personally, but thank goodness for vods! Otherwise, Pygowsky is on a normal schedule over the weekends from 1 AM - 6 AM EST. “The rest of my availability is dependent on work,” Pygowsky mentions. “My schedule is also not set in stone right now due to temporary work schedule adjustments.”

I’ve found this to be a normal struggle with streamers as is; all the while, his audience has looked out for him so far, which I find myself drawn to do my best to show up to. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I will say, as a designer myself, I do like the simplicity he has on screen. There’s a tag at the top that flashes and regains the viewer’s attention between games, or at least, it does for me. The addition of his camera feed is a nice touch as well. I like the fact that he uses a light strip to continue a subtle visual “disturbance,” bringing light to his face and away from the game without using something brighter, given the time that he’s live. It’s very considerate.

In terms of games, Pygowsky says, “I’m into all kinds of games, but the most common are FPS' and RPGs. My favorite being either Call of Duty or Diablo!”

Diablo? Of course, the lightbulb quickly lit in my mind, thinking, “Yes! He speaks my language!” Because of it, I had to know about his preferred gaming style, PC or console, to which he answered, “I’ve always been a PC gamer, and I even work in IT. I love how much better the hardware is than in consoles, but I have also had a PlayStation for most of my life which I enjoy using as a multi-media system too!”

I can appreciate that, but more than hardware, the people, as he mentioned before, are everything.

“Being around people that I haven't been able to meet in person but have still built enough of a relationship with to call them family; providing a safe place for people where they can be themselves, is what I enjoy most about streaming,” Pygowsky assured me. His pride mirrors this concept. “I like to take pride in the fact that my streams aren't fake. I believe I have a genuine, wholesome vibe as I'm streaming as myself and not acting on camera, which I feel like some larger creators do.”

While this has been very uplifting and comforting knowing such a streamer exists, I do need to note that Pygowsky’s stream is intended for mature audiences.

His stream, overall, moves fluently, just as his overall message hits home. We all need people, no matter how self-assured or capable we are. Our connections are what make the difference.

“I've honestly met so many amazing people in this space that I couldn't possibly name everyone that has inspired me in one way or another. It's why I started posting a weekly Twitter series called Content Creator of the Week, where I shout out small genuine creators and how they have influenced me. Which I need to get back into, so thank you for the reminder! :),”

It’s wild how much social media and streaming alike can connect with others of whom would otherwise be out of reach. In an effort to help other people looking to try out the streaming scene, Pygowsky says, “If you really want to grow as a streamer, you will have to do some networking, and it's more work than just hitting go-live. If you want to be a content creator, there is lots of work that has to be put in. I have a section in my Discord where creators all share different tools and help each other in ways they need it, so I would tell them to come by if they ever need any help in setting their streams up.”

This is certainly good advice. Having friends in the field is far better than trying to go it alone. Sometimes the next step forward requires the experience of others to get there. The fact that Pygowsky is offering to help in such a way is a great nod to his character and yet another reason I’ll do my very best to catch him live.

I hope you do too. If you’d like to catch up with him anywhere else, he was kind enough to lend us his links all in one place.

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