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stacking up with sony and the hazlet stack

From the Hazlet, NJ Stack



On both June 17 and 18, the Burlington, Hazlet, and Queens Stack all joined up at the Hazlet Gamestop. A Sony representative was on site and available to answer any and all questions regarding the new Playstation VR. Guests were allowed to select 2 games out of 3 to demo. The user was allowed to sit in a chair to allow ultimate immersion into the Playstation VR.

Christopher Patrizzo is the Playstation Representative for South Newark and helped spread the word about Stack Up. Throughout the weekend he gave Gamestop guests demos of Ocean Emersion, Battle Zone, and London Heist.

A lot of the kids were interested in trying the VR headset, but adults were excited to try it out as well. Northeast region director, Stephanie Owens, tried out the headset as well. Check out the pictures below!



You can find more information about The Stacks by clicking this link HERE! If you are in the Jersey area and want to Stack Up in Hazlet check out their information HERE!

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