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stacking going red

This past July the folks from Playing with Fire got together for an amazing Call To Arms event. Plenty of fun was had by all and many of the streamers got really involved and placed challenges and goals for donations during their time streaming for the event.

In the spirit of this, our own Kevin Wallace volunteered to dye his hair red for an upcoming convention if the entire Playing with Fire team could hit $10,000 in donations as they answered the Call To Arms.

The Playing with Fire team made good on their end easily shattering the $10k goal and now it is time for Kevin to make good on his promise. Give a watch to the video below to check out the exciting transformation.

Once again thanks to the entire Playing with Fire team for their efforts answering the Call To Arms! What a great effort! The folks from PwF really know how to StackTFUp!

If you would like to get involved with your own Call To Arms stream please hit this link HERE for more information on how you can Stack Up!

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