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stack up with giving friday

You see, every Friday is #REDFriday, which stands for “Remember Everyone Deployed”, and when is a better time to actually “Remember Everyone Deployed” but over the holidays? We figure our mission of providing support to veterans is so important that it can wait a few days. That’s why we went with #GivingFriday!

We had a particularly unique Supply Crate request come in from Daniel who is serving on a Special Forces team on a mission overseas that we wanted to bring to your attention (pictured below in a “High Altitude Low Opening” (HALO) jump):


“We’re a Special Forces team with attachments working in Africa with little to no access to amenities. We would love to receive a Stack-Up Supply Crate to put in our team area in order to pass the time and relax.” 

We have targeted Daniel and his Special Forces team to be the recipient of our #GIVINGFriday fundraising drive!


We are asking for your help to build out the best video game-filled Stack-Up Supply Crate we can put together, full of everything Daniel and his team needs to get gaming while in Africa. A small donation, even as little as $10, can provide a digital game code to buff up this special Supply Crate!

Take some of those savings from the Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping sprees and help us make December a little brighter for a few of those who won’t be sitting at home with their families this holiday season!

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