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Stack Up Sleepover – in Las Vegas!

It’s been a heck of a year for Stack Up. We’ve made a lot of new friends as the gaming industry welcomes more and more partnerships from outside. One place that’s been getting a lot of buzz around the games industry has been Las Vegas. With the legalization of eSports gambling in Vegas, a new e-Gold Rush has started with famous NBA players and rappers spending millions of dollars in acquiring pieces of the most dominant gaming teams.

One of these partners looking to get into the gaming space is none other than Caesars Entertainment, the legendary Nevada gaming corporation with dozens of branded hotels, casinos, and golf courses. They have created what they call a “Streamer Suite” in the 50th-floor penthouse of the Rio Hotel on the Vegas Strip. Caesars is interested in getting big name streamers like your Ninjas and your Dr. Disrespects of the world to come and stay at their hotel.

They also are savvy enough to understand the second any big name streamer turns off the stream for more than six seconds, they start bleeding out subscriptions. So they wanted to create an awesome environment where these big name streamers have the ability to hop in, jam out on their favorite titles with a dedicated 500/500MB upload/download internet connection on top of the line gear so they can keep their subscription numbers solid while still sneaking a few days of rest and relaxation with their own private rooftop pool and butler service (what, holy smokes!).

With Veterans Day on the horizon, Caesars reached out to us to see if we wanted to bring some of our allies out to do some streaming from the room.

Uh, absolutely?

So, we’d like to announce the first Stack Up Sleepover! And if no one throws one of those Alienware streaming rigs in the private pool, it sounds like we’ll be doing more of these in the future with them. The timing just happened to be perfect with Veterans Day weekend almost upon us!

While we personally will not be having any Stack Up Redshirts streaming from the room, we will have some allies, both new and old, streaming from the room all weekend long!

Saturday, November 10th, 6PM-2AM PST: Khaljiit and Modest Merrill from Twitch Kittens

Sunday, November 11th, 6PM-2AM PST: BJPOfficial and DKane

Monday, November 12th, 6PM-2AM PST: JayCGee and (To Be Determined)

So put on your jammy jams, grab a tin of popcorn, and watch these streamers lose their damn minds because they’re streaming from the lap of luxury with our new friends over at Caesars Entertainment! If you want to learn more or pledge your support early visit the Donor Drive Campaign for this event HERE!

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