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Spaceship shooter Ginga Force Coming to Steam and PS4 September 24th

Rising Star Games has been delivering on Japanese video game greatness this generation, with a plethora of different experiences. Now, Rising Star Games is excited to announce that the retro-inspired Spaceship shooter Ginga Force is heading to PlayStation 4 and Steam on September 24th.

The news comes from Rising Star Games, which is coming off the release of Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise, which was exclusively released for the Nintendo Switch. Ginga Force was first shown at PAX EAST 2020, alongside Natsuki Chronicles, a similar spaceship shooter.

Ginga Force follows the adventures of Alex and Margaret as they battle a sinister enemy attacking the Earth. Ginga Force is a vertical spaceship shooter, where players will battle many eaves of enemies, using cutting edge weapons. The spaceships will have an array of primary, secondary, and special weapons, creating a large degree were thousands of weapons combinations are possible. Across ten stages and multiple difficulties setting players will have their skills tested against enemies and deadly bosses. In addition tot he primary arcae mode, Ginga FOrce also had online leaderboards to chase.

Rising Star Games has been working hard this generation, and what they have been able to bring forth has been incredible. From Assault Suit Leynos to Decay of Logos to Trailblazers and RICO, there is something for everyone to enjoy with Rising Star Games. Seeing Ginga Force is another exciting entry for Rising Star's portfolio.

Rising Star Games arrives September 24th for Steam and PS4


  • Various exciting bosses over a dramatic ten stage Story Mode

  • Alternative Score Attack Mode with Online Leaderboards

  • Pilot three exciting ship types, each with unique firepower

  • Weapon customization system combining main-, sub- and special weapons into thousands of possible combinations

  • Unique lineup of enemy characters each with powerful Mechas to battle against

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