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smite championship 2016 day 1

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Tourney Brackets

The total purse is 1 Million USD spread amongst the different placements of teams. First place will net themselves $500,000, while second place will win $230,000. Third and fourth place will receive $75,000 apiece. 5th-8th place will rake in $25,000. The rest of the teams take in $10,000 apiece. Hi-Rez Studios is the company organizing the Championship for the PC side of Smite which can be played on both Xbox one and PC. There will be a smaller tournament held for the Xbox side of the game with a prize pool of $175,000 with the first place team winning $75,000 USD. The Xbox tournament will be an open invitational. This means any team can enter and have a chance to win!

XBOX Tourney

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