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sentinels multiverse interview

Ever since discovering this game earlier this year I have been enamored with Sentinels of the Multiverse. I am a fan of co-op experiences and Sentinels does a fantastic job of taking the traditionally adversarial gameplay of a CCG and turning it into a blast to play with your friends instead of against them.

One thing that is immediately obvious is the fact that this is not a tradition Collectable Card Game even aside from the co-op aspect. The decks for the individual heroes and villains are fixed, meaning there is no collecting or trading cards.

The strategy comes from matching the various heroes along with their abilities and defeating various villain decks that are all predetermined. The villain deck doesn’t so much as play during its turn as it simply does what the cards say. The heroes being the player controlled decks are of course offered the freedom to choose which card to play when out of their hand.

Putting the various heroes abilities against the villain deck in interesting ways is where the real fun comes from. There is no lack of tactics and abilities to use and this changes each time you shake up the heroes you bring into battle.

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The game is amazing to play and even better when friends are with you controlling the other hero decks and your group teams up to take a villain down. You can listen to an audio interview of our EIC Brian “Skatch” Snyder as he had a chance to sit down with the developers of the game at RTX 2016 simply by hitting the play button above. Check out the video for a great example of gameplay.

The game is currently available on steam and season 2 was just successfully Kickstarted and will be coming soon. If you are looking for something different to check out take a look at Sentinels of the Multiverse and get your super hero action on!

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