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rooster teeth call to arms livestreaming event


This July 23rd! Rooster Teeth Joins Stack-Up’s “Call To Arms” Livestreaming Event!

Get ready to STACK UP this Saturday, July 23rd 10AM-6PM CT as we team up with the folks from Rooster Teeth for the next round of our Call To Arms event! There will be plenty of streaming action and fun to be had live on the Rooster Teeth stream July 23rd at with the following schedule:

  1. 10 am-12 pm: Rooster Teeth

  2. 12 pm-2 pm: ScrewAttack

  3. 2 pm-4 pm: Achievement Hunter

  4. 4 pm- 6 pm: Funhaus 

Can’t be a part but still want to help? Rooster Teeth will have an exclusive poster that you can purchase on the Rooster Teeth store with proceeds going towards Stack-Up. It will only be sold the weekend of the event, so make sure to get yours before it’s gone! You can find out some more information about the event by checking out the Rooster Teeth blog post by hitting the image below.


If you would like to get in on the festivities yourself and create your own Tiltify fundraising page for you or your team, head over here to get signed up:

Those who raise over $150 as a part of our Tiltify team will get one of our Call to Arms event shirts as designed by former Rooster Teeth artist Luke McKay (design below, approximately 4-6 weeks from end of July)

Keep an eye out on social media through Twitter @StackUpDotOrg and Facebook as well for more information as we get closer to the event. Remember to use the hashtag #CallToArms to talk about the event online and get ready to #StackTFUp!

CALL TO ARMS is a Stack-Up’s year round drive to help us fund Stack-Up’s main mission of supporting veterans, whether sending giant supply crates full of gaming consoles to units deployed overseas, flying deserving veterans to E3, Penny Arcade Expo or Rooster Teeth Experience, or even helping out local Stacks do on-base events for families of deployed service members.

STACK-UP.ORG is about using the awesome power of gaming to support US, NATO and ANZAC veterans around the world!

ROOSTER TEETH is a production studio based in Austin, TX responsible for some of the most watched and celebrated online series ever. The company ignited an Internet revolution and helped redefine contemporary animation when it created Red vs. Blue, longest-running web and American science fiction series in history.

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