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rooster teeth call arms event poster

As you may know, this coming Saturday, July 23rd will be the Rooster Teeth “Call To Arms” Stream Event! Starting at 10am Central and going throughout the day till 6pm, you will see the Rooster Teeth family, including Screw Attack, Funhaus, and Achievement Hunter, all team up for some good times and great fun all for to benefit Stack-Up and our mission of supporting veterans through gaming.

In order to help you, the Rooster Teeth fan, help support this Call To Arms event the RT team just sent over the draft of the charity poster they’re going to be selling for us this weekend on their store. For those of you that may not get what it stands for, it’s a kind of “Voltron”, representing each of the four Rooster Teeth teams taking part in this weekend’s charity event: Achievement Hunter on the right, FunhausTeam on the left, lower right and Rooster Teeth itself lower left.

Rooster Teeth

The Poster will be available for just $10 through the Rooster Teeth store for the duration of the weekend, Friday-Sunday, only. You do not want to miss this awesome way to show your Rooster Teeth fandom while at the same time helping to do some real good for veterans!

Make sure to mark down July 23rd on your calendar to get in on all the Rooster Teeth streaming action. Full schedule and information on how you can support this event can be found at this LINK! We will see you as we STACK UP this Saturday with Rooster Teeth!

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