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Review: Super Galaxy Squadron Turbo EX

The system is in peril. War is about to break out again. The entire fate of the galaxy rests in the hands of 12 elite pilots. Some are human, others are aliens, and some are recently sentient AI. The goal: Take off, shoot billions of bullets, and destroy absolutely everything you see. This is Super Galaxy Squadron Turbo EX, a suped-up version of Super Galaxy Squadron, only this time, it puts the Turbo and the EX to excellent use, even if it's a short game that's a little light on content.

After a long, drawn-out war, there have been a few decades of peace. Of course, peace doesn't last long, and 12 pilots have been hand-picked in secret to fight and win the inevitable second war that is about to take place. From humans to aliens to cyborgs and sentient robots with advanced AI, these pilots take to the stars to end a war before it begins.

"Imma firin' mai layzar!"

Super Galaxy Squadron Turbo EX is a spaceship shoot'em up. Like many other games before it, the goal of the shoot'em up, or shmup for short is to pulverize every single unfortunate enemy that comes across you and your armaments. Small fighters, big ships, mechs, alien technology, anything that shoots at you has to be shot back at and destroyed. Being this is a dangerous enemy, they aren't shooting at players with basic stormtrooper lasers. Super Galaxy Squadron Turbo EX is a bullet-hell shoot, and the screen is peppered with enemy fire.

The controls of the game are simple enough. Players move across the screen, dishing out firepower and avoiding becoming space dust. The focus of Super Galaxy Squadron Turbo EX is in its gameplay. Players fire endless streams of hot, flaming laser bullets. Players fire in either a spread shot or a focus fire, which concentrates more firepower at the expense of speed. Players can wiggle between bullets, building score, and their hype meter. Additionally, players can activate bullet-time, which slows down the action for a short time. When players build their Hyper Meter, players unleash a devastating, screen-clearing attack.

The Magnificent Twelve

With twelve pilots, this leaves a wide variety of playstyles. Generally, all the pilots control the same, but the weapons they use are different for each pilot. One ship can wield an energy blade at close range, swiping ships into oblivion. Another can fire a large Vulcan-like bullet and use homing missiles. Players are encouraged to play with each pilot and use the one that best suits their playstyle.

Super Galaxy Squadron Turbo EX is clearly a labor of love, right down to the very pixel. Colors burst and explode off the screen, and the action is relentless. The soundtrack is tremendous and is often reminiscent of the days when video games first arrived on compact discs. It’s loud and colorful, stylish, and incredibly enjoyable. Moreso, Super Galaxy Squadron Turbo EX is widely reachable to many players. Difficulty options range from calm and newbie friendly to impossible. The game contains six classic arcade levels, as well as Endless Mode and Arcade Mode.

A Diamond In the Rough

The only true setback to Super Galaxy Squadron Turbo EX is not enough levels or modes. Games like Super Galaxy Squadron Turbo EX don’t have to be 30 to 40-hour-long experiences like an RPG, but I do wish there were more levels and enemies to conquer. It’s a quick game, even with the sudden difficulty spike on Stage 6, and perhaps that was what a game like this should be. The original Super Galaxy Squadron is bundled with the new version, giving players a chance to see what has changed and giving more content.

It’s quick, to the point, and it is a cosmic blast. Super Galaxy Squadron Turbo Ex is a fantastic action space shooter and should be considered a bonified classic. From its remarkably smooth gameplay to its fantastic presentation, put Super Galaxy Squadron Turbo Ex in your Steam library and have a blast.

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