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reverse unboxing ep 2

Supply Crate REVERSE UNBOXING, Ep 2: Harley, 4th Aviation Regiment

Looks like the Reverse Unboxing video is going to be “a thing” with us here at Stack-Up, and it’s a great way to show off part of what it is we do here as a military gaming charity!

This episode’s crate is going to an aviator stationed in Afghanistan by the name of Harley. Harley and his team are Blackhawk pilots and mechanics looking for us to help them keep from going nuts overseas between missions. Harley writes in with the following request:

“I’m currently deployed in Afghanistan and ran into a buddy of mine from flight school that received amazing donations from Stack-Up. Our guys weren’t allowed to bring video games out with us, but now that everyone has settled in the command has started allowing it. The boys and I are HUGE Playstation Call of Duty, Battlefield gamers that would love to spend our down time jamming out. If you can’t support, I completely understand as I know you guys just sent a package to our sister unit. Either way we appreciate what you do. If there’s anything I can do to help you, please let me know.”

So let’s get after it! Big thanks to all our supporters and sponsors, including Ubisoft, Humble Bundle, Deep Silver, EA, Microsoft, Game Informer, Turtle Rock Studios, our t-shirt providers at A2Z Emblems from New Jersey, and new supporters HIDEIt! Mounts and Gamer Supps to help us put together this really incredible supply crate full of gaming goodies! The grand total of this supply crate according to Amazon (I guess not including the box), comes out to a staggering $1879, and couldn’t have happened without all these great folks providing support to us!

So without further ado, let’s show you what we sent his way!

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