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Resurface – A Documentary Where Surfing Saves Veterans Lives

If you are reading this, then chances are you already know about the importance of video games in the world of military life. Stack-Up.Org has been knocking it out of the park with its service to veterans, from streams to Air Assaults and the reliable donation of gaming systems to troops all over the world through Supply Crates. But, there are those out there that may not enjoy gaming, yet they are yearning for something that will grant them tranquility.

Some veterans take to art and artistic expression. Other use the unifying power of sports and athleticism. There are also those who look to the ocean for answers and humanity. For the veterans taking to the waves, there is Resurface, a short documentary heading to Netflix

It is a known fact that following Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, many troops have returned with significant injuries, leading to a sharp increase in mental afflictions, such as depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For those that survived the worst battles, particularly those involving RPGs and IEDs, there is the constant struggle of brain trauma.

There has been some amazing research done in an effort to heal the brain, from service dogs to video games. Then there are surfing and ocean therapy organizations, such as Operation Surf, Surf Action, and the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation, that have explored the ideas of using the sport of surfing as well as the ocean, to help veterans heal from traumatic injury.

Resurface begins with the story of Bobby Lane, an Iraqi War veteran afflicted by the trauma experience in combat. Determined to take his own life, he comes across surfing as one last thing he wishes to do before carrying out his final act. However, the surfing saves him and he begins a long, engaging process of recovery. Resurface also follows the lives of other veterans using the practice of surfing to cope with their injuries. Resurface also features a stellar and dedicated production team, including Scott Tillman, Josh Isenberg, and Owen Bissel.

Resurface will begin streaming on Friday, September 1st, exclusively on Netflix. When it debuts please feel free to share your thoughts about the film in the comments and through our social media.

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