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Hype: Relic Space, a Tactical space RPG, enters Steam Early Access Q3 2021

By: Roberto Nieves

Space is a subject that has been widely captured in video games, but it doesn't always have to be about intergalactic wars and shooting everything in the cosmos. The universe teaches that from great destruction comes the chance at a new beginning. London-based Fourfold Games is hoping to add something new to the sci-fi genre with the release of Relic Space, a tactical open-world, turn-based space RPG that invites players into an intriguing universe of danger and hope.

The news comes from Luis Levy of Novy PR, which accompanied the announcement with a press release and trailer, brimming with details for the ambitious game. Relic Space describes itself as being heavily inspired by the popular sci-fi series, The Expanse, a believable sci-fi future that does not contain aliens but instead contains humanity and its struggles following a near-extinction event. Relic Space has only two factions: The posthumans and AI. Players use a combination of deep-space exploration and wise, tactical combat to survive and accomplish objectives. Relic Space contains a variety of handcrafted and procedurally generated missions that will challenge players and enhance the narrative arcs of the story. Players maneuver in a space with real-life space physics and operate vessels in which every weapon, part, and utility can leak, catch fire, and receive other statuses. While players embark on their missions, NPCs will trade blueprints for construction and offer trades, giving life to a devasted solar system.

Relic Space's story is grounded in hardcore SciFi. in 2162, a devastating calamity known as The Fall occurs. An elite community of humans, Omega, task themselves with rebuilding civilization. The Fall has sent the entire galaxy into peril, with the Relics scattered across the broken remains of planets and celestial bodies. Players navigate a devastated galaxy, recovering artifacts in the hopes of rebuilding civilization. As Omega fights and rebuilds, important questions are asked. Is a technologically advanced civilization doomed to repeat mistakes? Can it learn from those mistakes? How can civilization be better?

Jonah Wilberg, the founder of developer Fourfold Games, shares his enthusiasm for the game's development and its long-term plans;

“This is a momentous time for RelicSpace. The Alpha build is ready, and we just released a brand-new teaser. When I’m able to stop and think for more than a few minutes, I often recall the early days when RelicSpace was more of a standard roguelike with simple 2D graphics. That didn’t last long! My vision for the game soon evolved to actually transcend the genre by including 3D visuals and the narrative depth usually associated with RPGs. That’s the ambitious game I intend to deliver throughout Early Access and beyond.”

With the flood of space-based video games available in the current market, it is refreshing to see such a bold and more seasoned take on space and science fiction. Relic Space is looking to provide a sharp return to classic, hardcore tactical combat, but with a story that gets players to think, to ask questions, and come up with their own answers, as well as their own observations. Gameplay is a strong asset, but the world and story are even stronger, and if Relic Space can create a thought-provoking story, Relic Space will be on the minds of players for years to come.

Relic Space is slated for a Q3 release into Steam Early Access. Platforms, such as current-gen consoles, were not announced at this time.

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