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PAX ONLINE: Sci-fi factory game Dyson Sphere announced

Coming fresh out of the PAX Online and EGX Online event comes an incredible ambitious Sci-fi factory game from a small five-man team in China. Dyson Sphere has been officially announced, and it is coming from developer Youthcat Studio and publisher Gamera Game.

Dyson Sphere is an incredibly ambitious factory management game that takes place within a massive supercomputer. Humanity has set its sights from space to within computer systems to live, prosper, and progress. Humans have developed a massive supercomputer, and the goal is to continue to supply energy to that supercomputer to develop more virtual worlds and continue humanity's progress.

What sets Dyson Sphere apart from other factory games is its large scale and scope, encouraging the player to refine and transport materials across entire solar systems. Each system will feature a unique array of planets and celestial bodies. Each planet will have its unique properties and challenges, but Dyson Sphere encourages players to be creative in their scientific endeavors.

Dyson Sphere is targeting Steam Early Access, with a release on PC sometime in 2021.

  • System generated star map, each run will be a unique universe.

  • Build the Dyson Sphere from a more microscopic way, start the construction from the first screw.

  • Various types of cosmic elements including neutron stars, white dwarfs, red giants, and black holes.

  • Self-designed automated production factory to transport materials across the galaxy.

  • A variety of customizable settings to create your own Dyson Sphere.

  • Spherical surface, bringing players a real planet-building experience.

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