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Quake Champions – Air Assault Interview with the Developer – PAX East 2017

Through our Air Assault program in which we hand-pick deserving veterans and pay for them to attend life-changing video game and geek culture events, we often look for ways to deliver on the “Life-Changing” aspect. When we can make a special connection happen on a convention floor, it is truly magical for all involved.

Quake Champions

This past PAX East 2017 we had the incredible opportunity to create one of these special moments for one of our Air Assaults in attendance. Joe Nieves, who you can read about in our pre-PAX write-up, actually did a bit of journalism as part of his military service.  He was no stranger to being in front of a camera and being that he was a huge gamer he was interested in doing an on-camera interview with a developer.

Thanks to the folks over at Bethesda and id Software we were able to connect Joe to Tim Willits, Creative Director behind many of the Quake titles and more, including the newly announced Quake Champions! Hit play on the video below to check out this fantastic interview!

We want to thank the folks at the Bethesda booth for helping to make this happen and also to Tim for taking the time to chat with us. Joe thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the time he spent with the game, and it contributed to making this convention one to remember.

If you want to learn more about our Air Assault program and how you can help or nominate a deserving veteran, please check out the link HERE.

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