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PC Vetrofit Crate – Timothy

Today's update is for one of our PC Vetrofit Crates. If you're opening and reading one of these for the first time, our PC Vetrofit Crates program allows us to send PCs out to Veterans who are looking to get into PC gaming and/or streaming.

Timothy was one such Veteran that we sent a PC out to. He applied and sent us the following in his application:

I am a "disabled" (wish there was a better term) USMC veteran and I served with 1st Tank Bn as a grunt and eventually Legal Chief after a shoulder injury that forced me out. I was hesitant to look into this after my wife mentioned it to me but she convinced me to apply because she knows that video games help me connect with fellow veterans and it can help me on my journey to help other veterans. I used to work in the veteran education field and had daily contact with fellow veterans, but when an opportunity opened up to benefit my family and put us in a more stable financial situation, I had to take it. Doing so took away my direct connection with my veterans and it has been a sort of empty space. I want to make streaming a full time gig where I can do what I love and use that passion to benefit other veterans, give them a place to go chat and either get away from the world for a few minutes or be that outlet for them talk their problems out. I know that there are those veterans out there far more deserving of this and if selected I know that I will have the tools needed to help other veterans. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Thanks, Timothy, for reaching out. Many Veterans hesitate to apply, often believing someone else is more worthy. Put yourself out there, folks, so that we can send you something nice!

We're happy to connect our Veterans to one another through gaming and are putting in every effort to help that happen. It's important to us to keep Veterans connected with each other as few understand us like other Veterans.

Timothy, upon receiving his PC, sent all of these great photos and the following reply:

Thank you again!

Have fun with your new PC Timothy. We hope to see you on a stream soon!

The awesome Taterholic who also participated in our Call to Arms LIVE sponsored this PC Vetrofit Crate. Be sure to swing by her channel.

Don't hesitate to push the red button below and get your adventure supporting Stack Up in our mission started today!

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