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Overwatch Starts Hinting at New Hero


Overwatch’s 24th hero is on the horizon, and we’re already starting to see Blizzard’s hype machine revving up. After Ana and Sombra’s drip-feed leading to their respective launches, we figured that the next heroes would undergo the same fate. We don’t even know who the hero is, but Blizzard is starting to drop hints and divert attention already.

Inventor Efi Oladele is an 11-year-old girl from Numbani, and is a driving force in robotics and artificial intelligence. The way this is being packaged leads me to believe that Oladele isn’t herself the hero. Her proficiency in robotics leads to speculation that the next hero will be another Omnic.

I want to create things that make our lives better. And someday, my dream is to build something that can keep us safe, like the new OR15s! I think that would be great.

Interestingly enough, long-teased hero Doomfist’s most recent incarnation has text in the Omnic language, further driving the speculation forward, which is exactly what Blizzard wants.

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