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overwatch shimada bros

Welcome back to another week of adventures in the Blizzard world of Overwatch. Last week during the weekly brawl it was almost like a mayhem of abilities going off due to the nature of the event. It was a very fast game mode with ultimates and abilities going off left and right non-stop. I’m sure most of us are still fearing Mei during any escort mission since she had a tendency to slow all the battles to a dead cold stop. As we are all patiently waiting for the new ranked competitive play mode to become active a new weekly brawl has become ready for us to battle in.


This week is all about the Shimada Brothers. Blizzard paid a little respect to a well-known brawler game in their title this week Super Shimara Bros. (in reference to Super Smash Bros.). For this week, the rules are all tied around the two brothers to see which one is the strongest Shimada out of the two of them. The map that this brawl will be the map Hanamura which is also the same map where they created the animated video short “Dragons”. The other rules for this game mode consist of only a 50% ultimate gain rate, a 75% faster ability cooldown, and of course the choice of playing as Genji or Hanzo.

Brothers Victory Pose

For this game mode, it all comes down to the play style that you prefer as a player. If you prefer playing as a close range fast moving character I suggest starting out as Genji. Likewise, if you prefer to stay farther back from the up close battles and deal deathly blows from range I would urge you to choose Hanzo. Both characters are rated 3 stars out of 3 in the game’s difficulty meter so let’s break down their abilities to get a good idea how to utilize these two brothers.

Starting with Genji’s abilities his main form of attacking is by throwing shuriken at his enemies. His primary throw will throw all three in a direct line of travel at the time being thrown. The secondary throw he has throws all three shurikens at once in a small fan style arc out in front of him. In addition to causing damage this way he has a movement ability that does damage as well called Swift Strike. During this motion Genji rapidly dashes towards the area being pointed at dealing damage to whoever was in the path of travel. If you eliminate an enemy in this manner that skill is automatically reset meaning no cooldown time period.

Genji PC Controls

Since Genji doesn’t have an ability to heal it is imperative to use the Deflect skill to deflect all incoming projectiles back toward the direction you are aiming. This helps in a little bit of a survivability manner since it blocks incoming damage and can actually cause damage back towards your enemies turning the tides of that matchup. Genji has a movement ability as well that allows him to double jump and climb up walls to get to higher locations. This helps out a lot especially on this map where you can jump across gaps to get to the attack/defend points faster. Genji’s Ultimate ability is all about getting up close and personal with his Dragonblade. From what I have seen this ability can be a one to two swing elimination depending upon the target’s health pool.

On the other side of the house, we have Hanzo, an archer class user. Like I stated before Hanzo is best used from range where he can place his shots most effectively getting high damage elimination blows. Just like Genji, Hanzo has the ability to climb walls but lacks the ability to double jump to get to those walls. Hanzo’s primary attack uses his Storm Bow and uses arrows to cause damage. The distance the arrow’s go all depend on how long the user holds down the charge on the bow.

Hanzo PC Controls

A secondary and lethal damage ability Hanzo has is called the Scatter Arrow. This ability after activated will turn your next arrow into a scatter shot, which on impact will split into multiple arrows and bounce/ricochet all around that area of impact. Hanzo also has another special arrow up his sleeve with his activation of another ability called Sonic Arrow. What this arrow does on impact is that a pulse is sent out and identifies all enemy locations for a short time within that pulse. This can be extremely useful to know when to let the next arrow fly for a critical hit. The last and Ultimate ability Hanzo has is called Dragonstrike, which sends forth a deadly Dragon Spirit which continuously damages any enemies who are trapped inside its path.


Knowing each other’s abilities are key during this battle, as well as using the character that compliments your playstyle will help you and your team claim ultimate victory. Until next week’s Brawl, I will see you all inside the battle of the brothers!


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