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overwatch overview june 23rd

Overly Deffensive

Hey, guys, we are back at it again! Looks like we are still waiting for the patch update from Blizzard that enables competitive gameplay. Currently, it looks like they are almost at the point of implementation due to their focus on their Public Test Region (PTR) with the windows PC players. In the PTR oven is the next patch we are waiting for which includes the competitive gameplay function. If you want to participate in this future patch or other future Overwatch patches you can easily install it via the desktop application. If you are curious to see what the other changes that will be included in the next patch after testing in PTR you can find them right here.

Some other things that have slipped out across the internet are the cosmetic rewards from the competitive game mode. Each character has its own unique weapon, apparently these weapons had the capability to become golden as a cosmetic reward for ranked gameplay. There has yet to be any exact details on what is required from players to achieve the “Golden Gun” skin rewards. Feel free to check out your favorite Overwatch heroes weapons here.

In the meantime, while players are exploring the PTR, the rest of us can explore the weekly mayhem mode to change up the pace of our gameplay and get more familiar with other heroes. This week the name of the game is called “Overly Defensive” where the best offense is a solid defense. This week’s heroes are limited to just the defensive class list, which consists of Bastion, Hanzo, Junkrat, Mei, Torbjörn, and Widowmaker. A secondary catch is that there can only be a maximum of two of the same hero per team. So if there is a specific defensive hero that you prefer to play I suggest that you grab first or second dibs fast. Here’s to hoping next week involves the competitive game mode gets implemented, Cheers!

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