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Overwatch Introduces New Hero Orisa


After a few weeks of scattered information and red herrings (which feels very brief compared to Sombra’s introduction), Blizzard introduced the 24th hero to Overwatch. Orisa is an omnic retooled and reworked by the young prodigy, Efi, who has been central to the aforementioned red herrings.

A developer update from director Jeff Kaplan details a tiny bit of her backstory, and more importantly, what she actually can do. On first glance, the things Orisa is capable of makes your jaw drop. Zarya’s ultimate, which creates a gravitational black hole equivalent, is just one of her specials, for example. She’s a tank you can build your whole team around.

Orisa is live right now in the PTR server, though there’s no word on when she’ll be out for everyone, including console players. With promises of retooling existing characters to be more in line with Orisa’s defensive properties, it’s clear that Overwatch isn’t done being a completely fluid, ever-changing game on a gameplay level. Now let’s just keep speculating about when we’ll see Doomfist, and hope Terry Crews stuck around.

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