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mutant league football reboot launches final kickstarter

Mutant Football League

Michael Mendheim and Digital Dreams Entertainment have just launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming title: Mutant Football League. Mendheim, the developer of the 1993 Mutant League Football for the Sega Genesis, intends for MFL to be a spiritual successor to the football classic. Grab your spiked shoulder pads and prepare for deadly stadiums, crazy power plays, and more mayhem than ever before!

This arcade-style 3D sports game includes tons of features to keep every match unique. Pick from 14 different MFL teams made up of Deadheads, Bruiserbots, and Orcs. Select game-changing All-Star players possessing incredible abilities with an attitude to match. Play on (literally) killer stadiums filled with hidden landmines, massive buzz saws, and moats of lava, and if the traps and opposing team doesn’t kill you, the weather probably will. Just make sure you can see through the blood-splattered screen to reach the end zone!

Mutant Football League

Mutant Football League is bound to get support from fans of the original game, but its sports-hybrid gameplay has the potential to bring in a whole new wave of players. Gamers who enjoy realistic sports titles like the Madden series will find most of the mechanics familiar, while fans of arcade-style fighting games will enjoy the ultra-violent methods to crush the competition. Whether you treat the match as a football game or a 7-on-7 battle to the death, both paths can lead to victory.

The Kickstarter is designed to fund the last leg of development for MFL’s Online Multiplayer, but a playable demo is available for the PC to anyone who contributes $1.00 or above. Larger contributions can lead to greater rewards such as collectible posters, cards, player statues, or even in-game elements.

Mutant League Football

Ever wanted a video game player named after you? How about designing your own football play? You could even get ownership credit for a team in your league! If you’re interested in any of these perks, act fast: with almost a month left in the fundraiser, Digital Development Entertainment has already raised more than half of its $60,000 goal!

Mutant Football League is scheduled to release on Steam/PC in October 2017 and onto the PS4 and Xbox One in 2018.

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