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Mutant Football League – Now Available On Consoles

The Superbowl is over and with the that the season comes to a close, but, thanks to the Michael Mendenum and the team of Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC, football can keep going on all year long. It should be noted that this isn’t your average football game, as it involves mutants, robots, monstrosities, all set across a radioactive playing field. Welcome to the Mutant Football League, which is now available on consoles.

Mutant Football League was originally released in 1993, as Mutant League Football. During the 16-bit era, also known as The bit Wars, aggressive innovations and creativity were surging during this time, as SEGA and Nintendo battle each other for the control of the living room with their consoles. On Sega’s Genesis system, games were known for being for the “core audiences, with their games being harder, and grittier, oftentimes accompanied by an unfiltered type of stylish attitude.

Mutant Football League

Among these games, was Mutant League Football. The original game was directed by Michale Mendum, who also acted as the lead designer. The game followed the foundations of the Madden games at the time, but introduced a radioactive wasteland, where humans have become mutants, aliens have arrived, and the dead have risen from the graves.

The game kept the core rules of Football intact but introduced field hazards and weapons such as mines, trip wires, acid pools, exploding balls, and brute force. Mutant League Football encouraged unnecessary roughness and getting strongly physical it is possible to literally murder the entire team and win the game while receiving zero points on the scoreboard. Twenty-five years later, Michael has created his own game company and returned to the game that got him onto the scene with Mutant Football League.

Mutant Football League takes the bone-crushing, gut-busting explosive gameplay of the original and into the world of 3D. The game is a full-fledged 7v7 arcade sports games, that uses great gameplay mechanics and witty humor to create a sharp parody of the National Football league.

New abilities and features are present in this newest iteration, which include melee weapons that players can use to eviscerate the enemy team. As the game has a hard M-rating, expect body parts and mutant guts to fill the screen and fly across the field. Players can take their carnage across an entire season an engage in online multiplayer.

To sweeten the deal, Legendary video game sports commentator Tim Kitzrow, best known for his trademark “BOOM SHAK-A-LAKA” in NBA Jam, comes deliver his talents to Mutant Football League.

Mutant Football League is now available for Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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